It’s not (just) what you do, it’s the way you do it

Rawside furniture is on a mission, to make the best furniture we can and do the least environmental damage when we do it. Unlike some missions though, it’s something to share, not keep secret.

In deepest Brixton there is a very unusual sight. A fully kitted furniture factory, producing UK designed products right in the heart of the capital.

going glocal

Rawside is teaming up with like-minded partners to share thoughts and experiences in manufacturing to spread awareness of how even a little can go a long way (just like it does at our factory).

“Customers obviously want to check our ‘green’ credentials” says Rawside’s Archie Cross “and they love touring the factory to check out the materials and processes we use — but we learn a lot about what they try to do to lessen their footprint as well.

“It’s useful and fascinating to us as we constantly try and do a little better, which all contributes to how we collectively effect things globally.”


“We have a bit of obsession about not wasting anything” says Nick, Rawside’s head of design “it’s one thing making sure the materials we use are as neutral as possible, environment wise, but what’s the point if you throw a ton of it away during manufacturing?

“Our CNC machine means we can cut an incredible amount of parts from a single sheet of material, and because we know exactly what we’re going to have left over from any job, we’ve been able to design a whole range of accessories that use those offcuts up called, imaginatively,“Offcuts”!

Of course, there are still odds and ends left even after that, so we burn those to heat the factory and even use it to make skateboards.

What’s important is that people are really becoming aware that even a small office can have a big environmental impact, so our customers feel really reassured that we’re so committed to reducing that. It may be a small space, but multiply that impact over ten spaces on a floor, hundreds in a building, thousands in a street, you can see how important it is that even the smallest spaces think about how they fit into a bigger picture.

“No amount of recycling will equal using less in the first place”

– Nils Diffrient

Rawside is always transparent about its making and materials, so give us a call – there’s an open invitation for you to come and see the factory and its processes or stop by the showroom to see all our materials and finishes on display.

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 15.43.27.png

Material world

Rawside is dedicated to making sure we make the most of what we have, and comes down to every nut, bolt and widget we use.



We love ‘lino’ as it’s made from 97% raw materials, 72% rapidly renewable and a 43% recycled content. Unlike many products used to top desks, lino is biodegradable and is made from linseed oil and paper dust.



We use a lot of plywood and all of the plywood we use is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), this means that all of our plywood has been sourced from environmentally and socially responsible sources.



Although we realise a lot of energy is used in the manufacturing of steel, because it’s an alloy of iron and carbon it is 100% recyclable. So it’s no surprise that it’s the most recycled material in the world. Not only is all of the steel we use recyclable, it’s also recycled and will be recycled again and again after we’ve used it.



reclaim, reuse, recycle, reduce: reconsidering how we work — Rawside looks to the 4Rs for guidance

You may think of your space as ‘local’ but it’s impact is still global. Whenever we talk to our customers, we’re more than happy to walk through our processes so they can be confident our footprint won’t give their ethical ideals a kicking. And we’re always on-hand to help you with any questions about everything from power-management to recycling, chances are we’ve asked those questions ourselves.

For more information about how Rawside is acting locally, but thinking globally just drop us a line at hello@rawside.co



keeping it local, some crafty ideas


We make furniture. Pretty much something that everyone needs. So that puts us in contact with a lot of people, all doing different things, in different fields, but quite often, with very similar ideas about things like the environment, their processes, their community and their people.

beer, brixton and bringing it to you

One of the phrases bandied around when we kicked off was to be ‘like the craft beer of furniture’. Why? Well, we love the idea of old-fashioned techniques being married to modern technology, looking to the quality rather than quantity of your output, the DIY punk spirit and standing out from the crowd. No wonder then, we got to be firm friends with south-London neighbours Brixton Brewery. Well that and because it’s delicious too.

If you think you share our way of thinking, give us a call and come down for a chat at our studio, showroom or factory and share a Brixton brew.


“the craft beer of furniture…”

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